Sunday, December 27, 2009

Season's Greetings.............

Greetings from Crescent Hill Road! Hoping everyone had a joyous holiday. Can't believe how quickly Christmas came this year. The New Year will soon be here too. The year 2009 will always be remembered as the year Lily joined our family. We are so thankful and feel extremely blessed. Enjoy the pictures of her first Christmas with our family............

Our Christmas picture this year. Taken after a few threats to the big kids and bribes to the little one. Why is taking pictures of children so painful for them?

Finally, all FIVE stockings hang from the fireplace..........

Cutie patootie with her Christmas headband.

Sisters. Awwwwww.

Having fun with Auntie Josie and cousin Max.

My growing 12 year old baby. Where has the time gone? He is already taller than me and wears a size 11 men's sneaker. I am so not kidding.

Max, Sophie, Lily, Uncle Peter(Anthony's brother) and Gavin. Uncle Peter said he had to be in the picture with the kids because he was the baby of the family. No comment.

Three happy kids after opening presents on Christmas morning. Yahhhhh.

Lily totally crashed after our Christmas Eve celebration.

Lily with her favorite presents. Kitchen set, Bitty Baby, Dora Quad. She was so excited.

Fully dressed for the moment............ It doesn't last long.

My Elvis singing Sophie. So beautiful. Inside and out.

My cute, pregnant sister, Renee. So cute. We can't wait to meet this baby!!!! Hurry up June 5th. Lily LOVES Renee. She calls her Ah Nay Nay (Auntie Renee). Renee will make a great first time Mom. Can't wait.

Uncle Cody (Renee's husband) and Lily posing by the fire. Lily was being very cooperative with the picture taking. A Christmas miracle.

One of the three best Christmas presents EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


First snow of the season! The kids were so excited to see the snow this morning when they woke up. Unfortunately they couldn't play in it, school wasn't cancelled. By the time they got home it had melted away from the rain. Oh well, next time. I guess winter has rolled in. Waaahhhh. Not a fan of the snow, not so excited to see it this morning. A little is ok for the kids. That's enough for me.

Lily's first snow encounter. She is still in her pajamas and not really dressed for playing in the snow as you can see. We were coming home from driving the big kids to the bus stop. She kept saying "snow" over and over again. Once outside and standing in it, she didn't quite know what to make of it. She really didn't like getting wet (it was very wet and heavy, turning to rain). She wanted to stand in the garage and watch it fall. She kept reaching her hand out to touch it saying "cold". This hot blooded girl is from southern China and has never seen snow before. These 20-30 degree days are a big difference from the humid, sweltering 90-115 degrees where she is from. Ironically, she hates to be hot. You would think she would be cold here. Uhm, no. She HATES to be hot and is constantly taking her clothes off. She has major hissy fits when she gets hot.

The next snow storm I promise to have her "officially" dressed to play outside in the snow.