Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It has officially been 6 weeks since Lily has come into our lives. Hard to believe, in a good way. We have been very busy chasing a toddler around, trying to keep up with her. We have been to MANY doctors appointments for her upcoming surgery. She is scheduled for her palate repair November 3rd. One week from today, actually. We are nervous but realize it needs to be done. Her surgeon comes highly recommended by many. I am mostly nervous about her recovery period. She has to be on full liquids for 1 week post op. Then a "soft diet" for 5 more weeks. Of course we are worried about pain management but somehow I think food is going to be her issue. She still loves to eat! She has gained 3 pounds in 6 weeks. Truly amazing.

We are going to lay low for the next week before her surgery. I am so scared she will get sick before surgery and we will have to cancel. There is so much crap going around right now. I actually have been sick for a week. A mild flu, I think. Stomach issues, sore throat, aches. Mild, but I just don't feel right. I am praying no one else gets it. Super good hand washing going on in this household right now.

Lily continues to do great. She is happy, silly and loves to laugh most of the time. It is so cute. She is so full of life. She really is a character. She still loves to put on her "performances" for everyone. Her stage is the fireplace hearth. She stands on it and sings, hips swaying and hands clapping. This little girl can make you laugh. Lily's favorite thing right now is Dora the explorer. Dora was one of the first words she learned to say in English. She has Dora pajamas and wants to wear them every night.

I have to return to work at the end of November. Right after Thanksgiving. While we were in China I technically got laid off from work. I found out that little tidbit of information when we landed in Newark, NJ on our LONG journey home. I am a NICU nurse and the NICU I work in is down sizing. Nine of us got laid off. We were able to take other positions in the hospital that were available. So...... long story short, I still have a job, just in pediatrics, not NICU. I have mixed feelings about it. I LOVE the NICU. I have worked in a NICU for 17 years. I don't want to do anything else. BUT........... the bills have to be paid. So off to work I go at the end of November to pediatrics. It will be ok for now. My main focus is our family and the adjustments we are going through right now. Once I get the work routine down I may look for another NICU job. Right now I cant even imagine having to deal with resumes and interviewing for a new job. I will give pediatrics a try for a while and then decide what to do. For now though we need to get through Lily's surgery then adjust to my work schedule. I only work part time, two night shifts a week. We will adjust and manage. Hopefully well. Praying for an easy adjustment.

I will update again around surgery time. I plan on bringing my laptop to the hospital so I can update everyone on Lily's surgery. Positive thoughts and many prayers please!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

1 Month Ago Today..........

It has been one month since we laid our eyes on this funny little girl. She has melted our hearts ever since. Our transition continues to go smoothly. Not perfect, but smooth. We can't get enough of this cutie pie. I think we kiss her about 50,000 times a day. How can you not kiss that face?

We have had a very busy month. We have only been home for 3 weeks but it feels good now to finally be in a routine, to feel "normal" again. With all the doctor appointments and visits from family and friends we have still managed to do a few fun things too......

Not very flattering with the squinting but this is the first picture of the 5 of us together. We went to Sauchuk Farms to pick pumpkins, and find our way through a corn maze.

Gavin and Sophie being goofy, eating the corn.
So proud of the both of them. Not for eating the
corn (ha ha), but for embracing this adoption.
They both continue to amaze us too. Lily is
bonding to them as they are to her. She gets
extremely excited when Gavin and Sophie come
home from school. She yells and screams and
dances around. The kids have laughed so much
in these last 3 weeks. Music to my ears.

Lily finding the sandbox full of corn kernels amusing.

Kiss 49,999 for the day.

Sophie and Lily on the cow ride. I was nervous Lily wouldn't like it. She loved it. She continues to amaze us with her courage and ability to adapt to new situations so easily.

Silly goat.

Overwhelmed with the pumpkin choices. Needed some help with choosing just the right one.

We have been to see the plastic surgeon at Children's Hospital this week. Lily will be having her palate surgery in the next few weeks. Not sure the exact day yet, should know this week. Very nervous about this. We have made great strides in the past month, worried we will be taking steps backwards after the surgery. I know it needs to be done. Just worried for her. We will schedule her lip/nose reconstruction after she recovers and heals from the palate surgery. Maybe it will be done when she is 3 or 4. We will see how she handles the first surgery.

Yup, she's an American citizen!

Can she fit a whole marshmallow in her mouth? Dare her.
She loves the bonfires we have with friends. I think it's the
smores that won her over.

I said before that her favorite food was the mighty raisin. Well I was wrong. It's the mighty Oreo.

Lily is touching the teeny, tiny pony tail on top of her head. She insists on wearing her hair like this just about every day. She is very proud of her pony tail, if you can call it that. Quite frankly, it looks ridiculous. I try and distract her and take it out. She knows. She is a smart little whipper snapper.

Thank you LiLi for making us laugh.
We love you more than you know.
Thank you Gavin and Sophie for being
a great big brother and big sister.
We love you both more and more
every day.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Feeling normal at last

My two beautiful girls!!

Never can start too early with the chores!!

We finally were able to get her outside. She
was nervous and didn't want to go outside
for the first couple of days. She is still a little
apprehensive sometimes.

Relaxing watching TV. So nice to see all three of our
wonderful kids together at last!!

This girl can eat!! She spends a great
portion of the day in this seat. I think
our grocery bill will double if she keeps
eating like she has been!

We finally are starting to feel somewhat normal now. Lily's temper tantrums are happening less frequently now, thank goodness. Although she did have a doozie of one today. She didn't want to share her colored pencils with our neighbor's little girl while they were coloring. I made her either share or get down from the table and she DEFINITELY didn't like that. Down she got screaming. Oh well, she has to learn to share. A hard concept for a two year old, I know.
Lily is sleeping later now in the morning too. For the last two days she has slept until almost seven a.m.. Hallelujah!! Seven a.m. I can deal with. Not four a.m.. We are getting into a routine now. Things feel good, normal again. Anthony starts back to work tomorrow. He has had 3 1/2 weeks off. Sad to see him return, but anxious to get into a full routine. Over all this has been a wonderful experience. Looking forward to what the future brings.........