Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Six Flags Fun

We ventured to Six Flags this past weekend with friends. The kids had fun. Lets just say I was at my wits end with the fighting between the older kids (that will be another post).

The kids and the Dads loved the roller coasters.

It was so hot in Springfield, we were all a little miserable. The kids had a ball in the water sprinklers.

Gavin was with us on this trip, of course. I have no pictures of him though. I feel like a bad mother for that one but in my defense he was with Anthony and George riding the rides while I was with Lily in the little kid area. Sophie joined me after a while to cool down once she had enough of the big rides.

Lily and Sarah waiting patiently for Gavin and Sophie to get their caricatures done.

Have I mentioned Lily HATES to be hot? I really am perplexed with this notion because she is from Southern China. Let me tell you it is hot, hot, hot there. Nothing compared to here. She spent 2.5 years there so one would guess the heat here would be a breeze compared to there. Maybe the heat just brings back miserable hot memories for her. I'm not sure but I do know she HATES to be hot! She is looking a little pissed off in this picture. She was hot and tired. It was at the end of the day and she had had enough. Time to go before the meltdowns start.

Screaming from the big shark. Appropriate with all the shark sitings around the Cape this year. Makes us a little uneasy with swimming this year at the beach. Always that thought in the back of our minds.

Cooling the feet at the sprinklers.

Lily is way up in the helicopter. You can see her ponytail through the window. She had a blast on the rides. The older kids did too. Me, well not so much. I was spent by the end of our trip. I couldn't wait to go to work the day after we got home to get away from all the bickering. I think I need a vacation away by myself. Hmmm...........