Sunday, September 2, 2012

We are HOME!!

We made it home after 26 hrs of traveling. It was a long, long, long day. We are trying to recover from jet lag now. We are happy to be home, all together, and trying to find our new normal. The girls were troopers on the way home. They each only slept for a few hours though on the 14 hr flight from Hong Kong to Detroit. by the time we got to Detroit and cleared immigration and customs we were spent. All of us. Our flight from Detroit to Boston was a blur. We all slept the whole 1 hr 20 min flight. Once we landed in Boston we had a car service pick us up and drive us the 1.5 hrs home. Emma cried most of the way home because she had to be buckled in a car seat. This was her first mandatory experience with being buckled up. On the planes I held her if she didn't want to be buckled. Most cars in China don't have seat buckles and the children ride on laps or walk about the car as you are driving. Not very safe, I know, but it is just the way it is there. When we arrived home we had our family waiting for us. It was great to finally hug our kids. We missed them so much. It was such a peaceful feeling to all be home under one roof together.

This picture represents my thoughts exactly as we were about to board our 14-15 hr flight from Hong Kong to Detroit.

Emma is not looking to happy after our long flight as we landed in Detroit. Little did she know she became an American citizen when her feet hit American soil!

Emma did great with meeting everyone. She had fun exploring her new toys and house. After visiting with everyone we took showers (which were well needed) and headed to bed at about 12:30 am. Guess who was up at 3:30? Yup, Miss Emma! Wholly Moley! Not my idea of a good night sleep. Especially after we all missed a whole nights sleep during our travels. Our schedules are totally messed up but getting a little better day by day. Jet lag has been a doozey this time. Both in China and home. The first day home we laid down to take a nap at noon time and ended up sleeping for 5 hrs. Anthony had to drag us out of bed! Last night Emma slept from 9pm to 5am, which is an improvement. I on the other hand woke at 2am, 3am and then 5am. I am hoping in a few days we will be back to normal with sleeping.

We have been laying low these last few days, meeting friends and family and just trying to figure out our new normal. The kids all start school on Tuesday so we are finishing preparing for that too. I did most of the school shopping before we left, just a few things left to do. Off to take a LITTLE nap now with Emma.....